Blue-and-orange Eighty-eight
Gaudy Patch
Orange Kite-Swallowtail near Bonampak
Eurytides thyastes
Orange Kite-Swallowtail
Brilliant Blue-Skipper
A male Brilliant Blue-Skipper at Palenque
Paches loxus
Bow-lined Kite-Swallowtail
Pointer Sister

Bow-lined Kite-Swallowtail near Bonampak
Eurytides macrosilaus

boat trip to Yaxchilan
Boat trip to Yaxchilan

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Palenque, Mexico

Additional Photos



A Gaudy Patch at Palenque
Chlosyne gaudialis
Many-banded Daggerwings
Many-banded Daggerwings (and 1 Ruddy Daggerwing) at Bonampak
Black-veined Greatstreak male

A Black-veined Greatstreak male, Atlides polybe, near Palenque

Tiger Beauty
A Tiger Beauty (Tigridia acesta)
at Bonampak
Bonampak mural
An ancient painted mural at Bonampak
Little Banner
A Little Banner (Nica flavilla)
seeks its identity.
Mayan women at Cascadas de Agua Azul
Ruins at Yaxchilan
mayan women
Blue-and-orange Eighty-eight at Misol-Ha
Callicore tolima
Yellow-rimmed Eighty-eight
Yellow-rimmed Eighty-eight at Misol-Ha
Callicore texa
White-spotted Prepona
White-spotted Prepona near Palenque
Archaeoprepona amphimachus

Pointer Sister landed amongst
a display of toys at Palenque