A deposit of $300 (payable in U.S. dollars) is required to reserve a place on one of our tours ($450 for tours outside the U.S.).  $100 (U.S. tours) or $200 (tours outside the U.S.) of the deposit is non-refundable.  The deposit, less $100 or $200, is refundable if cancellation is received by 120 days prior to the trip.  To reserve a place on a tour, please send your deposit to: Sunstreak Tours, 4 Delaware Rd., Morristown, NJ 07960.

Full payment is required 120 days prior to the trip.  After 90 days prior to the trip, refunds will be issued only to the extent costs can be recovered from hotels and other providers.

Rates quoted are for double occupancy.  We will try to find a suitable roommate for those who want to share a room, but if this is not possible, the quoted single supplement fee will be charged.

Trip Cancellation
We reserve the right to cancel trips up to 30 days prior to the planned departure date.  In the event that a trip is canceled, all payments will be refunded.  It is always a good idea to call us and check on the status of a trip before you purchase your plane tickets or make other binding arrangements.

Trip Leader
While normally, the trip leader will be the individual or individuals indicated, we reserve the right to change trip leaders if necessary.

Prices are based upon our best assessment of actual costs for the trip.  We reserve the right to increase the trip price by up to 10% if unexpected cost increases, such as changes in exchange rates or increased hotel expenses so necessitates. For tours with four or fewer participants, there will be an automatic 10% surcharge. If the tour price is raised by more than 10%, then participants have the option of withdrawing from the tour with a full refund of any deposits or payments made.

Previous experience with butterflies is not required.  Participants should be prepared to engage in modestly strenuous physical activity, generally involving hiking, often in the sun.  Unless restricted by weather, we will normally spend most of each day, usually from around 9: 30 am to about 4 pm, searching for butterflies. If you have some special needs or restrictions, please let us know of this, in writing, when you send us your reservation.

We strongly recommend that all participants bring close-focusing binoculars in order to be able to appreciate the butterflies that we see.  Cameras are welcome but nets are not permitted.

Weather conditions before and during the trip can dramatically affect our ability to see butterflies.  If we experience some days of bad weather for butterflying, we may focus on birding or other activities during those days.

Smoking is not permitted in the vehicles we use for transportation, nor in hotel rooms if the room is shared with a non-smoker. Some hotels may not permit smoking at all. When the group is gathered, either in the field or indoors, going over the day's list, etc., we ask that smokers physically separate themselves from the group when smoking.

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